New Leica - Leica V-LUX5

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Leica soon to release the

Leica V-LUX5  

If you said it looked similar to the Lumix FZ1000 M2 - then you would be correct.  it is essentially the same camera with some small menu and cosmetic tweaks.  But for those who like to show of the Red Dot then we suspect it to be priced around $1250 - 

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Canon G7X III on the way soon - some new things

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Will the Canon G7x III be the ideal Vlogging camera 


New to the Canon G7X III 

  • Pop Up EVF - electronic viewfinder  -  similar to that of the Sony RX100 models 
  • 4k VIdeo 30
  • 30 Frames Per Second continues shooting RAW -  we do not know if that is with AFC or just AFS 
  • Slow motion video in HD 120 Frames Per Second - we do not know if that is with AFC or just AFS as well as if there is audio 
  • Mic in port for audio recording
  • WI-FI and Bluetooth  
  • DIGIC 8 processor and a Stacked 1 inch CMOS sensor

What sets the G7X III apart from the Sony RX100 m5/6 and the Lumix LX10 / 100/200  is that the Canon G7X III has a Mic in port which will allow VLoggers particularly to be able to use external mic's ( wired and wireless ) - along with a Flip Up Over, LCD where the Vloggers can see themselves to make sure they are in the video -  along with a 24-120 mm F1.8-2.8 wide lens.

We still do not know if there will be a Crop in 4k mode - most likely it will have some crop but we will find out how big -  we do not expect a Crop in HD mode.

The big questions are -  will it have PDAF - Phase Detect Auto Focus   -  Will it have Face/Eye Auto Focus and if so how good is it -  something important for Vloggers.

Price not know as of yet but we expect it to be under $749 USA -  possibly $890 to compete with he Sony RX100 VA and the next RX100 model 

Note the Sony RX100 V  is now Discontinued - so we expect to see a new Sony RX100 VII soon -  the Sony RX100 VA  is listed for $998 

Our guess is that the G7X III has a Sony sensor - possibly the RX100 V  sensor as Sony most likely will have a new sensor for its new RX100 model we expect to see this summer.  If so then that is good news as it has Phase Detect sensor on the sensor and does quite well in tracking.  

We do not expect to expect the new Sony RX100 model to have a significantly better sensor like in low light performance - our guess it will inherit the new tech from the Sony A6400 - with Object tracking and faster read-out.

Most Vloggers will not need the object tracking so might opt to get the Canon G7X III as it will have a Mic in port which we do not expect to see in the new Sony RX100 model


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New Midrange Nikon Z Camera on the way

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Nikon is rumored to be releasing a Mid-Range FX Mirrorless Before September 30, 2019.  This is most likely to compete with Canon EOS RP which goes for $1299 so we can expect the price to be in that range.  Our guess it will be available by end of year or early next year 


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