Rumored - Sony A6700 coming in Q1-Q2 2018

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Sony is rumored to release A6700 infirst or second quarter 2018. 

Rumored features

  • New sensor 
  • Dual Card Slots 
  • High Resolution Mode - like that of the Sony A7r III and Oly Em1 MII and Panasonic Lumix G9 

Many will want to see an articulated LCD as Sony has featured 4k recording with many video features. Also we expect Sony will improve their Touch LCD as many have not been happy with the current implementation.   What still remains an issue is the lack of lenses for the Sony E APS-C Mirrorless system.  Sony has many FE ( Full Frame ) lenses by now but have not released a new Sony lens for the E-APS-C mount for a long time.  For example there is no 24-70mm F2.8 and 70-200mm F2.8.   So it is Ironic how Sony keeps pumping out new A6xxxx models yet no new lenses. Yes some of you will say it is an E mount and therefore one can use lenses from the FE mount and yes one can but there are compromises sometimes in image quality and focal length will not be the same.  We think it is time for Sony to introduced more lenses for the the native E APS-C mirrorless mount.   The Sony A6000 still remains one of the top selling mirroless camera due to good image quality and good price.  We expect the price to be around $1600-$1800 as it seems to be geared more for Pro users as it will sport a dual card slot.

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