Canon G5X II on the way

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canon g5x m2

Rumor has it that a new Canon G5X II is on the way.  No specs have leaked yet. We can expect a new 1 inch BSI sensor.  We do not expect to see a bump in Mega Pixels rather improvements in low light performance and better tracking focus to compete with the Sony RX100 V/VI cameras.

Many will like to see a Mic In jack for vlogging as the G5X II will have a fully articulated LCD display and is relatively small and light.   But so far the manufacturers have either left out a Mic In jack or crippled the video tracking focus so Vloggers are still looking for their ideal Vlogging camera.

It is quite ironic that the manufacturers have still not made the ideal Vlogging camera - although of course there is relatively a small number of VLoggers.

If Canon included a decent tracking focus - Dual Pixel Focus and a Mic in then we think that the GX5 II would sell quite well.  Time will tell.  We will keep you posted