Big Panasonic Announcement in December

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Panasonic are rumored to have a big announcement in December.  We do not expect a lens announcement as most likely it would have been announced with the G9 and the 200mm F2.8 Leica Elmarit which where announced early in November 2017.  

Something Big -  Panasonic has invested in a sensor company named Tower Jazz (TPSCo) which has three manufacturing facilities in Hokuriku, Japan which have been producing large scale integrated circuits for over 30 years. It is rumored that the sensor in the fantastic Nikon D850 is made by TowerJazz (TPSCo - 49% owned by Panasonic)   - So could it be that Panasonic will announce a FF camera body and some FF lenses?

Stay tuned, we will bring updates as we learn more. 

Panasonic December Announcement

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