New Panasonic - GH5 variant ??

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Rumor has it that Panasonic will release a high end stills camera in November -  also there are suggestions that it might be a GH5 variant geared more for Stills vs video.   Most likely to compete with the Olympus EM1 Mark II -  so one would guess it has fast frame rate and deep buffer.  So it might not be a GX8 replacement after all.   I think many are waiting for the GX8 replacement as it has been 2 years and many prefer flat top and a bit more compact body vs the GH85 and GH5 style.

So this rumor also rules out a LX100 replacement something many have been waiting for.  It would also have been interesting to coin side with the Canon G1X Mark III release.   The LX100 was released in September 2014 so over 3 years so many would say overdue.  A LX200 with Tilt LCD and a 20MP sensor with No AA filter and Touch LCD and the 4k features and improved Image Stabilization and new and faster processor  for around $800 would be a strong competition for the new Canon G1X Mark III.

As rumor suggests a GH5 variant and a Premium Stills Camera -  maybe an update to the G85 - but it was released in September 2016. 

The big question is will it include a new M43 sensor with Phase Detect AF - the guess would have to be no - 

Which Panasonic update I would prefer

I would like to see a new

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