Panasonic Lumix GX9 to be announced very soon - images

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Here are images of the soon to be announced Panasonic Lumix GX9.  The GX9 seems to be the GX85/GX80 body with a new sensor a 20MP sensor vs the GX85 16MP -  New sensor has no Anti Alias Filter (makes images sharper).  Also we notice an AFS/AFC/AFM lever that the GX85 did not have.  We suspect some improvements in Frames Per Second as well as some firmware improvements.

We think many will be disappointed as they where looking for the GX9 to be a successor of the GX8 - so more of a competitor to the Sony A6300/6500 models - with a new shutter, a better deeper grip and slimmer body but same hight and width and other improvements.

For those looking for a smaller body and wanted an upgrade to the GX85/80 then here it is -  but the GX9 does not seem to be a big upgrade.

Again Panasonic make their naming convention confusing - One would think this model would be called GX95/90 as it is a successor of the GX85/80  - We suspect that Panasonic is dropping the GX8 line ( larger range finder body ) - therefore the model name change and the fact that the GX8 is an older camera.    

Price will be $999

Specs are really the same as the GX85/80 with minor updates like small improvement in FPS.   5 Axis (IBIS) is only up to 4 stops

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