Review of the Viltrox 23mm and 33mm for Fuji X mount $329

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VILTROX XF 23mm F1.4 for APS-C FUJI X Mount   $329 at the Viltrox store 

What do we think of the recently released Viltrox 23mm F1.4 XF lens for the Fuji X mount.  In short if you are on a budget then we highly recommend it - a must have lens - the 23mm equates to 35mm in Full Frame terms and is a very versatile focal length. Fuji has two lenses with this focal range a F1.4 lens and a F2.0mm lens.   The Fuji 23mm F1.4 is an older lens and double the cost of the Viltrox and in our review the Viltrox as overall optically better and has faster auto focus.   The newer Fuji 23mm F2.0 is newer and has faster focus then that of the older Fuji 23mm F1.4 but similar focus speed as that of the Viltrox 23mm F1.4.   For the price $329 for the Fuji X system it is the best value lens of the 3 lenses.  We find the Fuji 23mm F2.0 not as sharp although it matches the focus speed but the wider aperture of 1.4 vs F2.0 both provides better low light ability and more Bokeh.   The Bokeh quality on the Viltrox 23mm F1.4 is quite pleasing and really fantastic for a $329 lens.  What we would like to see Viltrox do for their next generation of this and other lenses is have closer focus ability as well as tighter Aperture ring -  many complained about the aperture rings on the Fuji X 35mm F1.4 and the 56mm F1.2 lens as being to soft and therefore users often changed the aperture without realizing it.     The lens is focus by wire so in video mode the aperture changes are visible  -  so better just to have a more firm ring where users are not accidentally chasing aperture.

In video mode the lens is very quiet and focus speed keeps up.  Weight and Size work really well with the Fuji bodies.  This lens is also available for Sony E APS-C mount and goes for $299 - so owners of the Sony A6000/6400/6600 and other APS-C E mount models.

As we said before for the money you cannot go wrong - 


 Nice size and weight

 Nice optical quality 

 Fantastic price 

 Focus speed 



 Wish it had a bit better close focusing 

 Soft aperture ring 



          Where to buy

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The new Nikon Z50 Prices and Specs

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Nikon introduces the new Nikon Z50 an APS-C size sensor body with the new Z mount that is also seen in their Full Frame sensor bodies Z6 and Z8.

Being that the Z50 has a Z mount means you can use Full Frame Z mount lenses on the Z50.    The styling is very simlar of that of the Z6 and Z7 minus the top LCD and no Joystick and minues few buttons.

Nikon opted for a new 20MP Sony Sensor - which is less then that from Fuji and Sony - but 20MP still should be enough - the idea is to maximize low light performance.  

The Z50 sports a very nice grip and the Z50 feels better in the hand then that of the Sony A6400 and Fuji XT30.

The menu system will feel very familiar to Nikon DSLR owners.  The new Z50 has PDAF Phase Detect Auto Focus with EYE Auto Focus so focusing will be very good. 

The Nikon Z50 will suport the DSLR DX mount lenses with an adapter so you can use your lenses.    As always with new systems it will take few years before there will be a good selection of native lenses.  Nikon is offering two native lenses initially, but of course you can buy the avilable Full Frame native Z mount lenses as well but there will be a year or two for more affortable native lenses become available.

The Z50 sports a really nice Touch LCD.  The new LCD has 3 Soft Touch Buttons.




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The Fuji XPRO-3 introduced at the Fujifilm X Summit

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Forward  30min 

My thoughts on the new Fuji Xpro 3
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The New Canon EOS-M200 - EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit $549

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Create limitless memories with the EOS M200 interchangeable lens camera. Equipped with a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, Eye Detection AF and enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the EOS M200 makes it easy to capture high-quality images and videos, all in a compact, mirrorless design. Perfect for social media sharing, the EOS M200 camera boasts 4K 24p/25p video capability, vertical video* support and built-in Wi-Fi®** and Bluetooth®*** technology — helping you relive your favorite moments. Designed for ultimate creativity, the EOS M200 camera offers simple-to-use features that let your personality shine. Explore the camera’s creative filters to add a splash of color and special effects to your images, or use the Creative Assist function to easily adjust brightness and color tone. The EOS M200 camera’s Visual Guide also provides helpful tips and tricks that make navigating the camera a breeze. For selfie-enthusiasts, this camera is on point, featuring a Self Portrait Mode and a 3.0-inch tilt-type LCD that rotates 180°, helping you capture every angle with ease. With the EOS M200 interchangeable lens camera, inspiration will always be at hand.

The Canon EOS-M200 product page 


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